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Dunkin Donuts franchise store chooses Solus for a LED test site.

A Dunkin Donuts franchise has chosen Solus LED to retrofit a portion of its exterior lighting as a test study for LED lighting.  By using Seesmart lights provided by Solus LED, Dunkin will  reduce its wattage for its exterior wall  lighting by 88%.  Solus looks forward to working with Dunkin Donuts on this project.



Solus helping businesses get brighter


Will the future of shopping be guided by LED lights and smart phones?


Indoor mapping and location services will create a new world of advertising and social networking services, but no technologies have proven the winners yet. A Massachusetts startup has come up with an idea of combining digital lighting with smart phones to make that world a reality.


LED at 50: An illuminating history by the light’s inventor

The light-emitting diode has brightened our lives for half a century – from lighting up the city streets at night, to decorating Christmas trees each December.

The LED started life in October 1962, as a single red illumination in a General Electric research lab in New York state.

Now – as one of the world’s biggest retailers, Ikea, announces that by 2016 the only lighting products it will sell will be LED-based ones – Prof Nick Holonyak Jr from the University of Illinois, takes a look back at how it all began with his invention of the first practical visible-spectrum light-emitting diode.



Ikea to sell only LED lighting

LIGHTING THE WAY: Swedish retailer Ikea plans to sell only energy-efficient LED lighting by 2016, a move it announced two years after it said it was phasing out incandescent bulbs.

WALKING THE WALK: The company will also install the longer-lasting bulbs in its stores, helping it save about $10 million to $20 million a year, or 10 percent, in lighting costs at its 300 locations worldwide.

ELSEWHERE: Ikea hopes to set an environmentally friendly example, but other large retailers said that, while they are experimenting with shifting to LED lighting in stores, they are still selling all types of bulbs for now.

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